Breaking Myths When Dressing a Voluptuous Figure

Having a voluptuous or full figure can be both a blessing and a challenge. While it gives you a very feminine look and a body full of curves, it can become a tad bit challenging to draw attention to the right curves and away from others. With the advent of so many new fashion rules, it is time that we break the old myths that make dressing up for voluptuous figures so much more challenging than it should be, after all, it is just another body type and there really should not be so many issues about dressing up. So here are some of the myths from the old fashion world dismantled for your wardrobe.

Dressing in Monochrome Can Slim You Down – But Only If You Know How to Do It Right

The myth here is that ladies with full figures should always stick to solid monochromes only and nothing else. Breaking this myth is a finding that says that you need not stick to just this always and monochromes will only work anyway if you know how to use them correctly. See, the whole intention of using a monochrome is to create that lean and clean look in one colour that will also make you look elongated. But if you simply throw together a few pieces that are of the same colour that effect will be lost. Even when you buy plus size hosiery, experiment with colours instead of sticking to monochrome pieces. Experiment with different shades of the same colour and of course different textures. Don’t dress sloppy and put some effort into the monochrome look that you are going for.

Stripes Are Just Bad For You – Well, Not Really

The myth here is that stripes are bad for full figures. In reality heavy and chunky horizontal stripes will not really look good on anybody at all regardless of how their natural figure looks. You could be the well-toned person in town and look like a fashion disaster walking in those stripes. But don’t throw all your stripe opportunities out of the window either. There is a whole other dimension where stripes make you look just as good as the next thing. Stripes that are asymmetrical for example are to die for and make you look quite slim. Also if you can get stripes that angle inwards, it will help you trim down your waist. Thinner stripes are better than thick ones and choose a dark background with light stripes on it.

Trends Will Mess It Up, So Stay Basic – If You Can Pull It Off Go For It

See, the point here is to not have a phobia of fashion trends but to know which ones will work for you and which ones will not. Then all you need to do is follow the trends that work for you. For example, if you badly want to see if you can pull off a crop top buy one that is slightly longer and pair it up with a pencil skirt that is high waisted.

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