Make Up Essentials to Pack for Travel

The holidays are here and it’s time to go on long vacations or pay a visit to relatives and loved ones living far away. Since travel is really popular during the holiday season, it is important to know which things to bring for a more efficient and smooth packing. Aside from the outfits you’re going to wear throughout the holiday, you’d also need to look good wherever you go.

This makes makeup an essential part of your travel bag, just as how important it is in your regular daily life. However, it could be daunting having to pack all those small tubes and containers of makeup you regularly use. You’ll only need to pack the basic pieces and still look great all the time on your vacation. If you’re not sure which ones to include in your makeup travel kit, this guide will help you as you pack.


A concealer is one of the basics you’ll need for any makeup look. It covers up the blemishes and imperfections in your skin, making it look smoother, brighter, and more even toned. A lot of concealers come in stick form, making it easier to pack and it won’t even consume that much space in your makeup bag.


To create a perfect makeup base, you’ll need a good foundation that suits your skin tone. It supports the makeup and helps it hold into your face longer, plus it also creates a seamless look making your makeup stand out and look perfect. When you buy face makeup for travelling, pick a concealer in a small tube packaging to save space.


Of course, your makeup look won’t be complete without colour on your lips. Be sure to bring a few lipsticks in different shades so you have lip colour options depending on the occasion. Aside from adding colour to your pout, you could also use lipstick to add blush on your cheeks. Apply a small amount of cream lipstick into your fingertips, warm it and gently apply into the apples of your cheeks for a livelier makeup look.

Eyeshadow Palette

Some may think that an eyeshadow palette is not that important and would be a waste of space in a travel makeup bag. However, it is actually one of the most versatile makeups you’ll ever need. While it is mainly used to add life to your eye makeup, there are some hues in the eyeshadow palette that can be used in a different way. For instance, you could use the brown shade to contour your face while the shimmery ones as a highlighter. If you’re creative, a single makeup can be used in a variety of ways to create the perfect look you wanted.

Aside from those makeup must-haves, don’t forget to pack a few brushes and a makeup sponge to apply the products perfectly and seamlessly. With those makeup essentials, you can surely create a perfect look wherever you go and whatever the occasion is.

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