Important things that every makeup lover needs to know

If you are aperson who has discoveredthe magic of makeup, you will always want to try it because makeup will help you look your best and to bring out your hidden beauty. Even if you have insecure about your face, makeup will help you hide them. However, when it comes to making up if you do not do it right, you will have to doubt if you are getting the best results. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on boosting up your make up skills so that you can apply it like a pro without having any concerns or doubts. First of all, there are manythings that you have to be clear about when it comes to making up because having everything straight will help you get out better results. Here are some of the things that every make up lover needs to know whether you are abeginner’s level or pro level:

When applying the primer

Most of those who apply make mistakes when they apply the primer. The primer and the foundation that you apply should be of the same base. If your prime is water, the foundation should not have an oil base. If not, the primer and the foundation will repel each other, and it will make the makeup not stay on your face and it will also make the makeup tough to be ablend. Also, you might notice that you have crow’s feet in your face. If you are to make the crow’s feet disappear, all that you have to do is to dab some prime around your eyes.

When applying foundation

When it comes to applying the foundation, the direction of the strokes matter. Since we all have a thin layer of facial hair, the direction that you choose to apply the foundation matters. Therefore, to makes sure that you do not make the hair stand out with foundation, apply the foundation downwards.

When applying the concealer

Have you ever wondered what the best way to apply the concealer is? If you have, you have the answer right here. The best way to apply the concealer onto your face is to apply it in a conical shape which means that you should get it under your eyes and stretch it along withyournose as well because then, the concealer will be made easier to blend and will highlight the best of your face.  Doing it in this way will bring out the beauty of your face.


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