How To Wake Up Less Grumpy In The Morning

We could all agree that waking up in the early morning is tiresome. We all dread the sound of our alarms and if we could hit the snooze button as many times as we want, we would all jump at that chance. Alas, the hustle and bustle of daily life start even before the sun rises in the East and we don’t have any choice but to greet it.

If you find yourself wanting to gouge your eyes out and pull your hair as soon as you realize it is time for you to wake up, perhaps doing the below would make you less grumpy in the mornings and happy and optimistic to face the day.

Get Enough Sleep

This tried and tested tip should not be overlooked. Not only would getting enough sleep makes waking up in the morning easier, but there are also tons of health benefits such as stronger immune system, clearer mind, lower risks for serious diseases such as diabetes and heart problems and lower stress level. People who are not getting enough sleep are most likely to be depressed and prone to anxiety and panic attacks.

Relax One Hour Before Your Designated Sleeping Time

If you set your sleeping time at 9:00 PM, try to abide by that time every night to condition your body that by 9:00 in the evening you are already sleepy. If you still have trouble sleeping, determine what is causing it and fix sleep problems. Feeling awake even if you are tired? Relax your mind and avoid doing stimulating activities one hour before your designated sleeping time. Avoid looking at your mobile phones, switch off the TV and close your laptop and PC and steer clear of thinking about work.

Do things that relax you, be it listening to music, reading a book (not e-book readers since the light emitted from the screen would wake you), sipping on warm milk or chamomile tea or taking a luxurious bath. Whatever it is, make sure that by the time you are finished with it, you are spent and few winks away to la-la land.

Prepare Everything You Would Need The Next Day The Night Before

One of the things that affect our mood when we wake up is the dreaded “morning rush” especially if we woke up later than our alarm and we have to cut short our preparation time. When this happens, we feel like everything that could go wrong, will definitely go mayhem. We would forget our lunch, we would grab mismatched socks and we would forget our umbrella and there would be a heavy downpour as soon as we got out of our car.

To make the mornings rush less rushy, make it a habit to prepare everything you would need in the morning the night before. Put your bag, your keys and wallet near the door so the chance of forgetting them is minimal.

Our daily life is often full of appointments, errands and chores. But we must not forget that we also need to allow time for rest and relaxation. Once we feel sleepy, it is our body’s way of telling us that we need to stop and recharge to give our 100% effort again the next day.

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