Hair coloring myths that are debunked with no doubts

If not for Eastman Kodak who invented the first modern “integral tripack” color film, which technically helped the cinema to wave goodbye to black and white, we still may be watching the black and white movies. In all means of the words, colors brings that colorfulness to our lives. When this is applied to your hair, it is all about style. As stylish females of 2020s, you should utilize these methods as much as you can. But of course, the myths are holding you back.

That’s why we need to debunk them!

  • The damage is 100% irreversible

The typical process of coloring hair involves the opening of the hair cuticle so that the color pigments can be deposited. So, technically speaking, the opening does inflict some sort of a damage. But you should remember that it is not like cutting open a hair as it is presented to you as a myth. Furthermore, you can implement a damage repair real time with the right coloring products.

  • Every salon has the same color

There is no doubt that almost all the best salons in Australia are using the best products that they can use to color female hair. But can we really deduce that all the salons have the same colors? We cannot. Although you may use the same set of products, the amount, the mixture, and even the method of application depend on the skills and the experience of the stylist. For an example, if you are looking for the Best Balayage Melbourne, you should choose a reliable salon in the first place. After going through some recommendations and review reading, the filtering would not be that hard.

  • Low quality products wash off when you shower right after coloring

Even if it was a high-quality product or a low quality one, you should let the pigments to be ideally deposited for an average time duration between 48-72 hours. But this is almost entirely dependent on whether you are coloring your hair or highlighting it. Since this is a matter of choice, you must take advice from your stylist on the minimum time duration of waiting to have a wash.

  • You can color your own hair at any time

As it was mentioned earlier, the coloring technique involved the breaking and opening of the cuticle and depositing. For this process to take place in the easiest and the purest, you must maintain your hair accordingly, before it begins. The cleanliness that comes at least 24 hours before the application would have the best effect and that is a true fact that the hair beauty industry agrees on.

  • It is the strength of the color that solely decides the durability

There is no doubt that a longer lasting product would last longer. But depending on the color, the nature of the product, there would always be a set of tricks that you can use to elongate the lifetime of the color – that is a job up to you.

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