How To Plan The Perfect Proposal To Your Sweetheart?

Planning to propose to your girlfriend? Here is a checklist of things you could follow.

Where Are You Going To Propose Her?

This might have to be a place that you both enjoy or maybe have special memories in. You can either propose in front of the people she thinks are important or you can make it personal and customized just the way she likes. Most men nowadays propose to their life partner amid a lot of people in public, but proposing to her privately might be just as fun. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen a place that is special for the both of you.

Pick Out The Perfect Ring

Regardless of how well you think you know your fiancee-to-be, there is a chance that she has been dreaming about the perfect engagement ring ever since she was a little girl playing with tea sets. When it comes to choosing engagement rings for your sweetheart there’s such a wide variety that it might be extremely difficult to choose one. Therefore, make sure you know her tastes and what kind of ring she would like best. Will it be vintage, what stone would she prefer, and how big?

Gold bands will go nicely with her everyday attire especially, so you could go ahead with a classic and elegant ring if you’re not sure what to get.She should be able to mix and match a simple ring with various outfits. This will also help you symbolize the commitment to the relationship for the two of you.

Do Your Research

Make sure that you do research on what she likes before you go ahead and buy a ring. You do not want to buy a ring that she will pretend to like for your sake but not be sincerely appreciative of. You can talk to some friends of your sweetheart or request help from a sibling. This is going to have to be a secret that they would not share with your life partner. Maybe, if you are lucky, her internet history or her saved collections on Instagram might give you a clue of what exactly she’s looking for.

You’ll Need To Get Her Parents’ Permission

Before you go ahead and book yourself a plane ticket to propose to her in a foreign destination or set up a call on Skype or face time to pop the question, make sure you know how close she is to her parents. While it is the traditional thing to do, getting her parents’ permission should be done, especially if she is close to them. And if they are actually close, she might want her parents present at the engagement party as well.

If your sweetheart loves the holiday season, you should definitely consider a proposal during this time of the year. Not only is everyone in a happy, festive mood already, but the twinkling lights, chilly weather, and beautiful decorations are incredibly romantic. Create the perfect holiday engagement story with these 5 easy tips. | The Perfect Holiday Proposal: 6 Tips to Make It Happen

When Will You Do It?

This can get a little tricky. Make sure that you find the perfect date for the engagement. This will have a great impact if you choose a special day that means something to you and your fiancee-to-be. Plus, you get to celebrate both occasions at first.

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