How to Keep the Frizz Out of Your Hair

Everyone has to suffer frizzy hair at least one point in their lives, some more so than others. It may seem like no matter what type of anti-frizz shampoo you use or how many times you comb your hair, the frizz just never seems to go. The condition known as frizz is actually caused by a lack of moisture. Certain environmental conditions, mainly humidity, can also cause hair to be frizzy. If you have excessively frizzy hair, here are several tried and tested suggestions for managing it:

Use Sulphate-Free Shampoos

Most shampoos contain a chemical group known as sulphates. These sulphates create that luxurious lather in most shampoos and also acts as a cleaning agent by stripping off all debris and oil on thescalp. It helps you feel clean. However, some of the oil that these sulphates strip away is also essential for keeping your hair moisturised. When it’s gone, your hair tends to be frizzier than normal. Therefore, start using shampoos without sulphates to manage the frizz. Using hairdressing products packed with glycerine is also great for keeping moisture in hair strands. Anti-sulphate shampoos and hair creams also prevent breakage, another annoying side effect of excess frizz.

Learn to Condition Your Hair

The trick to keeping hair frizz-free is to retain moisture on thescalp and in hair strands. Conditioner is great for this purpose. Therefore, do condition your hair two or three times a week for excellent frizz-free mornings. Conditioners with glycerine and naturally moisturising products like coconut oil are better than most for the job.

Comb Your Hair Properly

Do you know how to comb your hair properly to retain moisture? Instead of combing from thefront of the scalp to the back, learn to do it in a way that distributes natural hair oils to frizzy strands. To do so, stand up and bend over so that your hair is falling down in front of you. Hair oil tends to gather at the back of the scalp. Use a brush or a comb and start brushing from the back of the skull to the front. When you are done, stand up and flip your hair and start brushing the normal way again. This method distributes natural hair oils throughout the scalp so your hair strands don’t lose moisture.

Use a Hydrating Hair Mask

A hydrating hair mask does something similar to a moisturising face mask. This treatment method boosts moisture in the scalp and treats hair damage. It’s recommended to use a hydrating hair mask once a week, especially during the colder and drier months.

Use Hair Oil

If you experience an excessively dry scalp on a daily basis that makes your hair crazy frizzy, consider using a hair oil. Natural oils like coconut oils are great for dry scalps. Gently massage a little bit of oil particularly to the front of the scalp to manage frizz.

Properly protecting your hair when you sleep is also important for managing frizz. If you sleep on cotton beddings, wear a silk scarf to prevent the bedding from absorbing moisture from your hair. Also, after showers, don’t wrangle your hair using a towel as it will make frizz worse once your hair is dry.

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