How Has Technology Influenced The World?

Today as we all know have been influenced by different products in the world. When ‘products’ are mentioned we mean technology has in fact influenced the world today and many of us have become quite dependent on many of these phones and laptops. Whether you like to accept it or not all of us use technology to do our work or even use smartphones to keep connected with the entire globe. What do you mean by actually trying to be dependent? We expect laptops and other technological devices to do our work for us. Now, instead of doing manual calculations or carrying books around you can just shoot an e-mail and also address it to the entire world and other people (as well) These have done the harder work for us and it much more simple for us to carry out the tasks at hand. Even now we can connect with million users worldwide.

Other Technological Innovations

With the rise of smartphones and the internet, many people have learned to connect a lot of people together despite how far they live. It is as if you are sharing a part and parcel of their lives as well. The ‘friends’ you have can also see how you grow and learn from the world as well. This social media contest platform is not only being used to connect friends but also connect businesses and help them be recognized worldwide as well which also brings a lot of income and other gross values to the company. Other than that these new innovations have made people know that there are different companies that do the same kind of products you want (so you will find yourself having a wider range of choice products too.) This helps to make the customer (that is you) happier with what you expected.

The World’s Response to the Growth of Social Media

So, with the rise of these smartphones, there are many apps or social media connectivity’s or forums that can bring people closer together. Apps can help you create a group of people all over the world together and talk about how they feel or think about what is going around. It also is a perfect place where people can learn about other’s cultures and learn information hands on. With the rise of these apps people have become widespread and have learned to respect and view other’s thoughts and perceptions as well.

The Downside of the Internet

But, there are also downsides to the internet like people use it to connect and help people to overcome their problems there are people who use it for their disadvantage and make the place a torture too. They post negative viral videos and other various parodies or versions that ridicule, humiliate and bully. In the end, you find that the internet is also helping to promote violence and other things that are bad for your country and nation. So, there are downsides as well as advantages of the worldwide web and technology along with it.

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